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Mike Stoner
Magic for all Occasions

Telephone: 01189 788873
Mobile: 07941 304968

Mike Stoner - Magic for all Occasions hire

Dinners • Weddings • Special Events
Close-up Magic • Mind Reader

Mike Stoner is a full-time professional magician and mind reader who entertains with a mixture of traditional magic, modern fast-moving psychological magic, palm-reading and metal bending.

Mix one third Paul Zenon, one third Uri Geller and one third Derren Brown and you'll be about right. He does magic at parties, weddings, restaurants and corporate events across Southern England several times every week and has performed for celebrities such as legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mike specialises in close-up magic using cards, coins, watches and psychological techniques. There is no need for a stage or any large props, instead Mike mingles with your guests performing mini-miracles right in front of them or even in their own hands. The emphasis is on fun and creating a sense of wonder and amazement something that will make your party or event memorable and extraordinary.

"We booked Mike to entertain our wedding guests and he was brilliant. He was being talked about hours after he left the venue. Our friends are still telling us of all the different tricks they saw, no two stories are the same. I wouldn't hesitate to book him again."

"WOW! What more can I say - Mike the magician was totally incredible! AWESOME with a capital A! So professional and a warm friendly personality too. Our wedding guests were totally wonderstruck! They were talking about Mike's magic over dinner & even the following day too!"

"I've seen Mike's magic on many occasions and I am always impressed and amazed. Mike himself is incredibly personable and really helps create a fantastic atmosphere at any event."

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