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Atlas Brookings
Mind Reader

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Atlas Brookings - Mind Reader hire

Weddings • Parties • Dinners • Corporate Events
Mind Reader

So you have a special event - A wedding, picnic, party or corporate retreat. You have shelled out money for food, seating, and maybe a little for booze. But that leaves one thing. What to do about entertainment? Your friend has an in with a DJ, but music can make venues so impersonal and loud, distracting from conversation and the purpose for the event. Moreover, all of these ideas are played out, nothing breaks the mould. No one would leave your event saying they experienced something new and memorable... something fantastic.

Let your guests rediscover wonder with the aid of Atlas Brookings, mind reader and psychic entertainer. His unique style of mind reading mixes psychology and body language inference with his quick and ready wit and will entertain your guests as he does the impossible: reaching into your guests' minds to reveal their thoughts. The possibilities are endless: he can entertain people at tables as they dine at a luncheon, mingle with guests at private parties or trade shows, perform after dinner parlour or stage-shows, or provide training to help staff better relate to clients or potential customers through interpretation and careful use of reflective body-language signals.

He will have your guests smiling one minute, laughing hysterically the next, and in disbelief throughout. They will love his performance and enjoy every moment.

And, MOST importantly, your event will be remembered.

"You had the whole audience on the edge of their seats all night and left everyone wanting more. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen you to do so. We will most certainly be booking you again. Truly brilliant and amazing."

"His show was a truly mind-blowing night to remember. Everyone had a great time and we were very impressed with all of his abilities. He truly has a special gift and we hope to see him again in the future."

"Atlas joined me at a birthday party I hosted for about 20 of my closest friends. He kept groups entertained throughout the evening with his charismatic style that delighted all the guests. Weeks later I still have friends asking me about the things he did!"

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